Bench Space to Rent

HAME has recently moved premises to large workshop in Flemington House near springburn, north Glasgow.  We have a well equipped woodshop, secure roller door, padlocked yard accessible by only us one other unit.  
Our showroom is also in the workshop which will soon be furnished with dining and seating space, and a fully working show kitchen.

We have some excess space and are inviting Designer/Makers or creative Craftspeople to come and share our space.

What we're offering is-
-L shaped workbench, w/ wall space for storage
-Access to our woodworking machinery including sliding table Panel saw, Planer/Thicknesser, hollow chisel morticer, big bandsaw, lathe, pillar drill etc.
-Access to Metal working space and tools, small horiztonal bandsaw, MIG welding station
-Material storage space
-Locker and cupboard space

Fees start at £200+ /month, depending on your needs and the scale of your work.

Applicants must have a good working familiarity with any machinery they intend to use, though basic inductions will be given, and they should have their own insurance.

We plan to be selective about who shares our space to maintain a friendly and creative atmosphere.  If you think you might be a good fit, please get in touch.